meet tammy

From a fit high school athlete, to a highly-stressed 20-something that was severely underweight and unhealthy (bad relationships can wreak havoc) and thankfully now to a healthy and fit 46 year old wife and mom to two wonderful boys – life is good! 

All it took to change the course of my life was a little inspiration and a belief that I deserved much more. Of course it wasn’t easy, but the theories were simpleAt that point in my life, I just made the decision that I was going to give it my all and just do what I needed to do, no matter how hard it seemed! 

Now, as a health and fitness coach, I get to coach others as well as watch my own children truly embrace healthy eating and an active lifestyle. Having a mom and dad that exercise, enjoy creating healthy meals in the kitchen together, and that love spending time as a family being active is second nature to my kids and I couldn't be more pleased and excited for their futures. We are far from perfect, but overall, I feel really good about where we’re at. 

I understand being “busy” more than you can know! Not only am I committed to my family, my health and my fitness, I pour myself into helping my clients all while owning and operating a hectic, 4-location local business. It’s never easy, but paying it forward and helping other women has been such a blessing. 


Family is Everything

I may get frustrated with problem areas, focus on the loose skin and sometimes become way too critical of myself, but overall I truly appreciate how my body can serve me when it’s healthy and lean. I just need a reminder and a moment of gratitude sometimes.   

Our past year has been full of water skiing, snow skiing, hiking and just being active outdoors. My kids may not do the home workouts with me (yet) but I trust they’re absorbing the lifestyle and will follow in our footsteps.  

After a full day of work, I have energy to prepare our meal, help with homework and just talk. There were times in my life when I was too fatigued to focus on anything.  

My kids don’t see me taking medications to maintain or improve my health. I’m medicine-free at 46, even though I had cholesterol levels over 280 in my 20’s. To this day, I’m still shocked and almost giddy that working out the right way dropped that level over 100 points. My physician has even gone as far to tell me I don’t need to check it probably ever again, even with a family history of heart disease and high cholesterol.

Maintaining fit and healthy does not break the bank. I get to exercise from home, streaming programs just like another show on Netflix. No driving to a gym, unless I’m just in the mood and have lots of time on my hands.  

What makes me the most proud? That my boys can cook amazing meals and I have no doubt they’ll be healthy and capable when they’re on their own.